Who We Are

Rottic Co. was established back in 2008, when it started with its main office in Malaysia with the name of “Rottic Co.”. When the business rapidly grown up, in 2010, we have established “Rottic Trading and Engineering Company” in Hamburg, Germany specializing in consult and export business. The business became continuously improving and speedy transformed; the company had expanded into the Middle East market based, in 2012. Since beginning year of its activity, Rottic focused on Middle East countries, and Asia because of existing high steel potentials and excellent business opportunities. We have been doing business in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa globally.

In 2015, with a new direction and to focus only on gas and oil and ferrous and non-ferrous metal businesses, we try to expand our activity. The new strategy reinforced the company’s business further growth and broadened set of capabilities. Throughout its history and with  years of innovation and experience in business, Rottic visions itself as the best and most reliable company throughout the field of its activity. We have the best relationship and partnership with the known companies. Today Rottic is a global Trading Company with good high serving, combing unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions.