Rottic GmbH is an engineering and commercial company which is established with the purpose of accomplishing commercial activities in the field of materials, equipment, technology transfer, and to create investment opportunities in the different aspects of market and industry.


1. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals:

In this aspect, we supply all the related equipment and machinery which are common in the steel industry including induction furnace, electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, rotary kiln, tunnel kiln, continuous casting machine, rolling mill, refractories, etc. with high quality and different capacities. Moreover, the company is capable in supplying spare parts and the consumable materials to be used in the steel industry.

According to the fact that our engineers and technicians have been chosen form the most experienced experts in the industry, we have the potency for marketing and introducing the new technologies and equipment to the market and attracting the customers.

In addition to the mentioned activities, we are able to provide our customers with the consultancy for applicable ways and solutions for reducing the production costs in the steel industry which is significant for the customers.

2. Energy:

The company is proud of its human resources which include the most experienced engineers who has operational management positions and by this privilege, we have our capabilities in the field of transferring energy resources and the maintenance of the related projects. In this regard, the company has entered in marketing, and selling the equipment for transferring electricity, water and gas in a big scale. Meanwhile our engineering and technical teams have accomplished many projects which are valued more than 20.000.000 Euro, and the company is very professional in supplying the equipment such as pipes, valves, joints, protection materials, calculation utilities, and the stations and substations.

The company has built good connections between the high tech companies and the potential customers and informed the customers about the products and services.

3. Consulting

Rottic GmbH thanks to the employed technicians, support companies with a complete support ranging from technology issues to economic aspects. A typical question that often appears after the introduction of a new technology is how to make an efficient use of it. We offer consulting service on both economic and technical issues that our clients encounter with. That is, our consulting service consist of wide range of issues from technical support on buying a machine or to help on different aspects of a turn key project.

4. Investment Opportunities:

The company has built the foundation for safe and profitable investment opportunities in the Middle East in the field of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Gas, Oil, and energy resources. Considering the fact that the company has established different projects, and its high banking credit, and also suitable connections with suppliers and customers, we have established a powerful basis for investment opportunities and engineering business plans.


To supply high-quality  machinery, providing related services and solutions to client, while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees focused on continuous improvement, highest business standards, work ethics to added value to our customers and sustained return on investment to our shareholders.


  • Technical and engineering capabilities
  • Focus on quality
  • Organizational Agility
  • Dominance on target markets
  • Dominance on target markets